Episode: The Awesome Silver Man
Sentai Show: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Arumadon is voiced by Makoto Yasumura.


Arumadon (アルマドン?): A prideful warrior who wears a collar that produces his Aruma Barrier (アルマバリアー Aruma Bariā?) sent to plant a bomb in the city before the Gokaigers walked in and took out the bomb. He is forced to escape when the flaw on his collar was found out, expressing disrespect to Waruzu's threats while intending to kill the pirate. However, he is unaware that Waruzu had Insarn plant a bomb on the collar while making it look like a modification, thus becoming unknowing suicide bomber to eliminate the Gokaigers. Luckily, Gokai Silver realized it and safely detonated the bomb before destroying Arumadon.


  • Height - 197cm
  • Weight - 148Kg
  • ring amplifier / Al barrier enhanced remodeling, fellow secret bomb
  • and then plant a bomb in the city to lure big Sugomin / special missions strategy

Sorties for the invasion was ordered to Earth, Captain Action Zangyack space empire. Originally, the process will be the wave of the body resonance, which is alien and can produce a weak barrier. Strengthen the projection of this wave, which undergoes remodeling surgery to install the barrier on the neck ring Aruma amplification. Aruma barrier, such as slashing blow a heat attack, defenses are absolutely unbeatable Hajiki返Su to any mortal. However, due to duplicate the rear ring wave, so that the barrier effect is disabled. Waruzugiru buy aversion is too high for pride, had attached a bomb to strengthen the ring has been fooled.