Code: 16
Title: Clash! Sentai vs. Sentai
Index: 1744
Sentai Season: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Writer: Junko Komura
Director: Shojiro Nakazawa
Airdate: June 5, 2011


Unable to track his crew and the Free Joker, Captain Marvelous gets frustrated before he gets a call from Basco. Assuring him that they are are right, Basco offers Captain Marvelous to trade the Ranger Key chest, the Gokai Galleon and Navi for his crew, or he'll hand them over to the Zangyack for the bounty. Taken to the Free Joker's brig by Sally, who has their Mobirates phones, the crew attempt to escape through the ducts. However, Basco was a step ahead of them and placed them back into their cell. As that occurs, after remembering the events that led to him joining the Red Pirates, Captain Marvelous regains his confidence and calls Basco to arrange an exchange meeting with his crew present. Though he brought the Ranger Key chest, Captain Marvelous has no intention of doing the trade as he suddenly throws the treasure chest in the air while he fights Basco, spilling all of the keys and his own Mobirates in time for Doc to catch it with his mouth and using Shinken Green Key to free himself and his shipmates before getting their Mobirates back from Sally. Basco then unleashes his 10 Super Sentai warriors and the Gokai Galleon crew assume their Gokaiger forms to battle them while Navi gathers the Ranger Keys back into the chest and takes them back to the ship. Defeating Mega Silver, Gao Silver, Abare Killer, Bouken Silver, and Shinken Gold, the Gokaigers use the Final Wave to take out Kiba Ranger, Magi Shine, the Go-on Wings, and Gosei Knight. Deciding to take his leave, Basco leaves the Liquidroid Wateru behind to fight the Gokaigers as they use Shinken Gokaioh to destroy the monster. Back aboard the Gokai Galleon, the Gokaigers look at the 15 newly-acquired Ranger Keys as they assure their captain that they have no hard feelings for what happened. On the Free Joker, impressed by his old friend's move, Basco reveals that he has 10 more Ranger Keys in his possession.


* Tomokazu Seki Narrator, Mobirates, Gokai Saber, Gokai Gun (voice)
* Yuki Yamada Joe Gibken/GokaiBlue
* Mao Ichimichi Luka Millfy/GokaiYellow
* Ryota Ozawa Captain Marvelous/GokaiRed
* Yui Koike Ahim de Famille/GokaiPink
* Kazuki Shimizu Don Dogoier/GokaiGreen
* Yukari Tamura Navi (voice)
* Hirofumi Nojima Waruzu Giru (voice)
* Kouji Ishii Damaras (voice)
* Kikuko Inoue Insarn (voice)
* Gaku Shindo Barizorg (voice)
* Kei Hosogai Basco ta Jolokia
* Toru Omura Sally (voice)