Day Off
Title: Day Off
Index: 703
Season: Power Rangers Samurai
Writer: David Schneider
Jill Donnellan
Director: Luke Robinson
Airdate: February 20, 2011

Mia, Emily, and Kevin are working out in a training room inside the Samurai Base. Mike walks in carrying his skateboard. Mike: Hey guys! Mike enters the training room. Mike: Guess what?! Emily, Kevin, and Mia stopped working out and walk over towards Mike. Kevin: You overslept. Again. Mike: Yeah, well that's nothing new. Emily: So what's up? Mike: Ji just told me he wanted us to take the day off. Emily: Really? Mia: This isn't a joke? Kevin: But, we just started our workout. Kevin gives a kick to the punching bag. Mike: Dude, you're telling me you're going to disobey a direct order from your Samurai mentor? Kevin: Well. I guess not. Mia started to pace. Mia: What to do? I could shop for shoes that are designed for fighting monsters, or I can catch a flick. Emily: But it's such a beautiful day. It be a shame to stay coop up inside. Mike: And I could teach you how to shred. This is not what Emily had in mind. Emily: Well, I was thinking Rainbow's End. I've never been on a rollercoaster before. Mike: What? Never? Emily explains there were not amusement parks where she is from. Mia, Kevin, and Mike are all for going to Rainbow's End. The four teens started heading out the door when Jayden walks in. Kevin tells him what they are doing and Jayden replies to have fun. Kevin is surprised that Jayden is not coming with them. Jayden tells them he has something he needs to do and walks away. Mia tells Emily and Kevin that Jayden is so mysterious sometimes. Mike pokes his head back in and tells them our day off is a wasting. Mike isn't worried about Jayden - he can take care of himself. Emily and Mia grin and head out the door. Kevin is a little more concern. He takes one more look back, wondering what Jayden is doing and then heads out as well. Inside a room, Jayden is holding a small wooden box, with a beetle craved in the center of it. Jayden opens the box and inside is the beetle disc. Jayden takes the disc out and stares at it.

Emily and Mike are very excited to be at Rainbow's End. Kevin is more concern about why Jayden didn't come. Mia points out Jayden has lot on his mind. Emily suggests they bring back some cotton candy to cheer him up. Kevin suddenly stops. He thinks this is a test - a samurai never takes a day off. Mia stops him as Kevin turns around to head back. She tells him to stop being paranoid. Mike adds if he wanted us to stay, he would have said so. Mia doesn't think Jayden would take a day off until the last Nighlok is defeated. Kevin realizes his friends are right and decides to stay for awhile. Mike leads the charge towards the rides. The four teens race along, passing by Bulk & Spike who are the cotton candy stand. Bulk tells Spike in the samurai's life you have to balance the serious stuff with a little fun. Bulk digs into his cotton candy which Spike to laugh and point.

Bulk tells Spike to stop laughing at him. Spike continues until Bulk gives him one of his looks. Bulk crams the last of the cotton candy into his mouth, commenting on how sticky it is. Spike spots his favorite game - splatter rat! Spike tosses his cotton candy and declares he is going to play it. Bulk follows him over.

Jayden is outside. He places the beetle disc into his Spin Sword. Flames appears on the sword. Jayden tries to gain control of the Spin Sword. It is a struggle for him. Suddenly the power from the Spin Sword hits him. Jayden goes flying and hits the ground hard. The Spin Sword lands on the ground several feet from him, the flames vanishing. Mentor Ji walks up and picks up the Spin Sword. Mentor Ji tells Jayden he is not ready to use the beetle disc just yet. You're literally playing with fire. Jayden struggles to get up. Mentor Ji tells Jayden he must be ready to give one hundred percent, not just physically, but mentally. Jayden manages to get up on his knees and replies he is giving one hundred and ten percent. Mentor Ji agrees, but Jayden is lacking balance in his life. Jayden manages to stand once more, although it is difficult. Mentor Ji tells Jayden he is pushing himself too hard and that's not letting him be at his best. Jayden walks over to Mentor Ji. He agrees he may be pushing himself hard, but he's the Red Ranger now. I have to be the best and keep getting better. Jayden takes the Spin Sword from Mentor Ji. Jayden gets into his stance once more. Mentor Ji tells Jayden I understand why you stay behind today. But there was a time, when you were younger, when we both trained hard. But you still allowed yourself to have fun. Jayden considers his words. Mentor Ji adds I know you wanted to go with the others. Jayden replies the Nighloks grow stronger. He needs to master the beetle disc before it's too late. Mentor Ji reminds Jayden that the responsibility you bear is great, but while you need to master the disc, you also need to master balance in your life, as a samurai. Jayden pauses for a moment and then walks away. He gets into his stance with his Spin Sword. Mentor Ji walks away.

Spike is like a mad man as he plays splatter rat. He laughs hysterically, peeks his head into the holes and points at the various rats. Bulk watches him with no comment. Spike eventually wins the game. Spike shouts out I won! I won! Bulk tells him not too shabby. Spike wins a giant panda. Bulk and Spike walk along. Bulk takes full credit for Spike winning the game by telling him it looks like his training is working for him. Spike tells Bulk he is going to go the panda, Sam, short for samurai. Bulk likes the name and tells him that's not bad. Bulk suggests Sam will their mascot. Spike likes the idea.

Emily, Kevin, Mike, and Mia sit at a table, enjoying their drinks. Mia admits that was fun. In the city, Dreadhead arrives and the citizens are terrified. Dreadhead wonders why Master Xandred sent him to this useless world. At Rainbow's End, Kevin, Mike, Mia, and Emily hear the cries for help. They quickly race out of Rainbow's End and into the city. In the city, Dreadhead declares that humans are a waste of good space.

Several citizens are trapped and Dreadhead prepares to fire his weapon at them. Blue Ranger and Green Ranger arrive and deflect the blows with their Spin Swords. Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger help the citizens to safety. Dreadhead is surprised to see Samurai Rangers. Green Ranger takes a flying leap and tries to strike Dreadhead with his Spin Sword. But it was like Dreadhead was an illusion and his body wavered out of harm's way. Green Ranger was surprised. Dreadhead took advantage of this and struck Green Ranger, knocking him to the ground. Green Ranger rolled over to where Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger were. They raced over to him. Dreadhead comments on the pretty colors. Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger race towards him with their Spin Swords drawn. The three Rangers strike Dreadhead with their Spin Swords. Once more, Dreadhead's body wavers and the strikes are ineffective against him. Yellow Ranger wonders what do they do now? Dreadhead fires his weapon at the three Rangers. They are hit and fly through the air, landing by Green Ranger. Green Ranger notes their Spin Swords don't work on this creep. Blue Ranger wonders how that is possible. Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger try another attack on Dreadhead. Dreadhead's body waves in and out and all the Spin Swords are useless. Yellow Ranger exclaims there is nothing we can do! Pink Ranger wonders what's this monster made of? Dreadhead fires at the four Rangers. They are hit and their Spin Swords go flying up into the air. Dreadhead fires at the four Rangers once more. He hits them all and they fall to the ground, their Spin Swords landing just beyond their reach. Dreadhead prepares to fire once more. The four Rangers try to protect themselves against the next blast. Red Ranger comes leaping from behind and tries to strike Dreadhead with his Spin Sword. The four Rangers are thrilled to see Red Ranger, but they also call out a warning. Red Ranger's Spin Sword is also ineffective against Dreadhead. Red Ranger keeps trying, but Dreadhead's body waves in and out, and no strikes are made. Red Ranger wonders what gives? Green Ranger is surprised that even Red Ranger's sword won't work. Yellow Ranger points out it goes right through his body. Red Ranger continues to try and defeat Dreadhead, but his Spin Sword is no use against Dreadhead. Dreadhead fires at Red Ranger, but Red Ranger manages to back flip out of the way. Red Ranger lands by the rest of the Rangers. He suggests they use their swords and attack together. The Rangers place their discs onto the hilt of their swords. Dreadhead asks them what are they trying to pull now? The power elements from all five Spin Swords hit Dreadhead. Although Dreadhead is still standing, this time electrical charges run through Dreadhead's body. Red Ranger declares we got him. Dreadhead tells them they tickle his tummy and fires his weapon once more. Red Ranger uses the Fire Smasher to protect him and the rest of the Rangers. Blue Ranger asks what are they going to do? Red Ranger takes out the beetle disc. Pink Ranger asks what is that? She has never seen it before. Suddenly Dreadhead starts to dry up. It feels like he ate cactus needles. Dreadhead warns them that next time they won't be so lucky. Dreadhead vanishes.

Mike, Emily, Kevin, Jayden, and Mia have returned to their base. Mentor Ji is with them. They are all feeling discouraged. Mia tells her friends she doesn't mean to sound like that Nighlok, but our Spin Swords and symbol powers were useless. Kevin adds it's scary to think what he could have done to us if he hadn't dried out. Emily replies no thanks. I rather think on how we can beat him. Mentor Ji likes Emily's attitude. He tells the group fear is the enemy. If you believe in yourselves, you can win any battle. Confidence is what brings power. Mike tells him, you were not there. Our weapons couldn't touch him. Jayden stands up and tells Mike that is not true. Our weapons did injure him. Jayden confesses that he is working on mastering a new power. Jayden walks to the front of the room and then turns around and faces his friends. He is holding out the beetle disc. Mia realizes that's what he's been doing today. Kevin wants to know what is it? Mentor Ji replies there are secret discs. Passed down from previous generations of samurai. Jayden adds most have been lost in battle. This may be the only one left. Mentor Ji walks over to stand by Jayden. Jayden tells his friends with this, we at least stand a chance of beating the Nighlok. Mentor Ji adds however, in order to master the disc, one needs double the samurai power they already have. Which causes Jayden to doubt himself. Jayden tells them not to worry, just focus on recovery. Mike is skeptical - twice as much power? Can you really handle that? Jayden replies confidently thanks to Ji ,I have been trained to believe I can do anything I put my mind to. Mentor Ji nods his head in agreement. But Mike is still skeptical. He asks Jayden why didn't you use it earlier? Jayden feels bad and replies next time. Jayden walks away. Jayden walks down a hall and then pauses. He takes a look at the beetle disc and wonders if he has it in him to master this disc. I'll train all day and night if I have too.

Octoroo is pouring evil water onto Dreadhead. Dreadhead is confident if he had a quart more of evil water in him, the useless Rangers would have been through. Octoroo tells him no joke, you needed that soak. Octoroo is confident that Dreadhead will get rid of the Rangers and then their world will be ours. Dayu walks in and she has her doubts. She picks up her sitar and tells Dreadhead we would have already had it if you haven't dried up like a pathetic prune. Dreadhead insults Dayu. Dayu becomes angry. Octoroo tries to calm down the two. Dayu is about to go after Dreadhead, when Master Xandred walks in and stops her. Master Xandred wants Dreadhead to have time to relax and recover. The way he had those humans running and screaming was glorious. Thanks to him, the Sanzu River is rising and what's even better, there's nothing those inept Rangers can do to stop him.

Night falls and there is a full moon.

Mentor Ji is walking outside, when he spots Jayden training. Mentor Ji hides by a large rock and watches. Jayden is using his Fire Smasher and trying to master the beetle disc. It is a struggle for him. The power hits him and sends him flying. Jayden lands on the ground hard. Mentor Ji is worried about Jayden. Jayden drags himself towards the Fire Smasher. Jayden tries once more to master the beetle disc. It is still very difficult for him. Jayden gets thrown once more. Jayden struggles to stand up. He tells himself his team, the whole world is depending on me. I can do this! I must do this! Jayden tries once more with the beetle disc and Fire Smasher. Mentor Ji stands up and tells Jayden he can do this. I know you can. Jayden screams as he tries to master the power of the beetle disc.

The following day, Dreadhead is attacking the city. Dreadhead tells the fleeing citizens you can't run far enough to escape my wrath. A powerful wind knocks Dreadhead down. Mia, Kevin, Emily, and Mike have arrived. Kevin calls Dreadhead useless. Dreadhead takes offense, that's his word. Mike, Emily, Mia, and Kevin morph. The four Rangers have their Spin Swords drawn and are ready for battle.

Jayden has fallen asleep from exhaustion. He is still outside in the area he was training at. Mentor Ji comes running up. Mentor Ji asks Jayden if he is okay, but gets no response. Mentor Ji hesitates waking him up. He thinks to himself that Jayden should have given it a rest. Just like when you were a kid, you insisted on doing things until you got sick. You will never stop trying to save others. Mentor Ji wakes up Jayden. Mentor Ji tells Jayden the Nighlok is back. It takes a bit for Jayden to wake up. He is still very tired. He slowly gets to his feet and leans on his Fire Smasher. Jayden tells Mentor Ji time to clash again and then takes off.

Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger battle Dreadhead with their Spin Swords. Dreadhead knocks Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger to the ground. Blue Ranger takes a leap and tries to use his Hydro Bow against Dreadhead. Dreadhead fires his weapon and hits Blue Ranger, causing him to fall to the ground.

Dreadhead tells Blue Ranger there's no point in standing up as he holds his weapon against Blue Ranger. Dreadhead threatens that he's about to knock him down for good. Suddenly the Lion Folding Zord arrives and hits Dreadhead a few times. Then Red Ranger arrives with his Fire Smasher. Dreadhead tells him his big blade is not going to get any respect from him. Red Ranger and Dreadhead face each other down as Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger watch. Nothing happens for a few moments. Dreadhead calls Red Ranger a scaredy cat. Blue Ranger wonders why Red Ranger doesn't charge. Green Ranger calls out encouragement. Red Ranger is about to pull out the beetle disc. Pink Ranger realizes why Red Ranger is holding back. Dreadhead tells Red Ranger he has seen glaciers that move faster than him. Red Ranger realizes he's got to try. Red Ranger takes out the beetle disc and places it on the Fire Smasher. Red Ranger cries out Fire Smasher! Cannon Blast Mode! Huge flames engulfed Fire Smasher. Red Ranger swings the fiery Fire Smasher around in circles. The flames hit Dreadhead. Red Ranger holds on tight and draws on all his strength, as the Fire Smasher transforms into the Five Disc Beetle Cannon. Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger are impressed. Red Ranger asks them to lend their power discs. The rest of the Rangers are happy to help out. Each Ranger places a power disc onto a slot on top of the Five Disc Beetle Cannon. Dreadhead is not impressed. He asks Red Ranger what do you got there, boy? A rainbow pea shooter? Red Ranger faces down Dreadhead with the Five Disc Beetle Cannon.

Dreadhead aims his weapon at Red Ranger. Red Ranger calls out Fire Strike! The Five Disc Beetle Cannon blocks Dreadhead's blast and hits Dreadhead. Dreadhead exclaims his dreadlocks feel like deadlocks! Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger are very excited, but Red Ranger knows it's not over yet. Soon Dreadhead is giant size. The Rangers use their Samuraizers to summon their folding zords. Then the Samurai Megazord is formed. The Samurai Megazord and Dreadhead battle. Dreadhead is still able to waver his body so that the Samurai Megazord is unable to touch him. Red Ranger is surprised that it didn't work. Dreadhead fires at Samurai Megazord. Samurai Megazord takes several hits. Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers they got to try something else. Red Ranger leaves Samurai Megazord and is on top of it's shoulders as he shouts out to Dreadhead, hey Nighlok! Over here! Red Ranger tosses the beetle disc into the sky. He uses his Spin Sword to fire at it and it transforms into the Beetle zord. Dreadhead is surprised to see another zord. The Beetle zord lands in front of Samurai Megazord. Pink Ranger thinks it's so cool that a zord came out of that disc. Red Ranger jumps off Samurai Megazord and enters the Beetle zord. The Beetle zord heads straight towards Dreadhead. Dreadhead fires at Beetle zord. Beetle zord takes several hits, but keeps heading towards Dreadhead. Beetle zord's pinchers grabs a hold of Dreadhead's foot and flips him over. Dreadhead lands hard on the ground. Dreadhead gets back up and summons several giant Moogers. The giant Moogers prepare to fire several arrows at Samurai Megazord and Beetle zord. Beetle zord fires at them before they have a chance to fire. Red Ranger declares now the real battle begins. The Beetle zord combines with the Samurai Megazord to form Beetle Blaster Megazord. Dreadhead is taken aback at the new combination. The Moogers back away. Dreadhead tells them to get them! The Moogers prepare to fire once more. Red Ranger instructs the Beetle Blaster Megazord to fire it's Beetle Cannon.

The blast destroys the arrows and several of the Moogers. Beetle Blaster Megazord battles the remaining Moogers and destroys them. Beetle Blaster Megazord then faces Dreadhead, telling him now it's your turn. Dreadhead tells them haven't you figure it out, your sword is useless against me! Dreadhead fires at Beetle Blaster Megazord. Beetle Blaster Megazord fires back with it's cannon. Dreadhead is hit hard. The Rangers then call out Rotating Beetle Blaster! Dreadhead is destroyed.

The following day, the teens are back at Rainbow's End. Mia is walking with Kevin and Mike. She is happy that Mentor Ji gave them another day off. Mike replies it's only fair, since our last one involved scrapping with a Nighlok! Emily excitedly runs up to her friends with cotton candy. Jayden walks up at a more leisurely pace. Kevin takes the cotton candy and comments this isn't allowed in my training diet. Jayden tells him it's okay. Cotton candy or a day off from training can be good for you. Mentor Ji reminded him that keeping balance in life is important. It lets us be at our best. Mike throws an arm around Kevin and tells him come on you stick in the mud, the rides are this way. Mike and Kevin take off with Mia and Emily close behind. Emily is very excited to go on her first roller coaster ride. Jayden follows his friends. They all get on a roller coaster together and scream with delight.