Moondroid Tsukki
Moondroid Tsukki
Episode: The Lost Forest
Sentai Show: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger


Moondroid Tsukki (ムーンロイド ツッキー Mūnroido Tsukkī?): A gold colored rock-based giant produced after his summoned Rangers are defeated by the Gokaigers. It has a rock hard body and uses moon-based attacks. Destroyed by Shinken Gokaioh.


  • Height - 49.8cm
  • Weight - 372.5t

Pseudo giant creature was summoned from the door of combat Surrey, codenamed Tsukki. Are manufactured pregnant with moonlight ability to combat maneuver a crescent sword. Months pregnant with the whole body energy and ferocity are affected by the phases of the moon. Sword of the upper arm (sword), and the sword of the lower limit of the foot, armed with a crescent sword body. Moment of the attack will be focused on the sword of the berserk power drawn from each of the age, chop enemies. In addition, the half-moon and十六夜type, it is possible to launch a variety of beam shapes. Tsukki confront those who do not see the sun again has not been said.