Episode: The Most Important Thing
Sentai Show: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Nanonanoda is voiced by Wataru Takagi.


Nanonanoda (ナノナノダ?): An Action Commander sent to obtain a tree that bears gold so the Zangyack could have unlimited funding. He has the ability to make himself invisible and is able to sneak into any security system. However, after failing the first time, Nanonanoda accidentally destroys the plant in a fire he caused before being destroyed by the Gokaigers via the Gokai Slash Final Wave. When he is enlarged, he is hurled into space and destroyed by Deka Gokaioh.


  • Height - 195cm
    • Giant Form - 48.8m
  • Weight - 134Kg
    • Giant Form - 335.0t
  • nano skin / refraction enhanced remodeling, bazooka arm
  • tactics take money tree / special missions

Sortie was ordered to take away the money tree, Captain Action Zangyack space empire. Originally, the light will be refracted to the body surface is an alien that specializes in covert missions such as the chameleon color protection. Strengthen the epidermis, the remodeling has been subjected to surgery to install the skin that can be nano-refractive transparent body 100% complete. Moreover, energy has been remodeled to add more bazooka on his left arm, it is possible to fire a heat burn everything.