Episode: The Big Abare With the Dinosaur Robot Drill
Sentai Show: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Osogain is voiced by Dai Matsumoto.


Osogain (オソガイン?): An Action Commander assigned by Damarasu to set up a beachhead for a full Zangyack invasion when his operation is met by Gai Ikari's intervention. Defeated by Gokai Silver using the Gokai Supernova Final Wave, an enlarged Osogain and six Zugormin units are then destroyed by Goujyujin.


  • Height - 205cm
    • Giant Form - 51.3m
  • Weight - 154Kg
    • Giant Form - 385.0t
  • ultra-high skin / remodeling enhancements, bucket arm
  • tactics outpost construction / special missions Zangyack

Ordered to sortie for outpost construction for earth invasion, Captain Universe empire Zangyack action. Originally, I had a hard rind that is superior to the battle aliens. Strengthen this skin has been subjected to surgery to install the skin ultra-high remodeling. In particular, the arms like a huge bucket has a hardness similar to diamond, or as a shield to protect themselves now be able to crush enemies and rush to the bulldozer. Zangyakku invasion has created a base in a variety of planets.