Episode: Fowl Play in the Sky
Island of Illusion I
Season: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 1

Snizzard is half snake and half lizard. He has a golden apple on top of his head. Snizzard also has hands in the shape of snake's head and mouth. Snizzard carries a bow and arrows. Rita had been watching Kimberly getting ready to fly with her Uncle Steve, when she came up with an idea. Rita had Squatt place a sleeping potion in Uncle Steve's drink. With Kimberly out of the way, Snizzard should easily defeat four Rangers. When Uncle Steve passed out, Rita went into Finster's work room for Snizzard. Finster made Snizzard with the Monstermatic. Once Snizzard arrived, he was sent down to Angel Grove. Snizzard arrived in the park and began wrecking havoc. Eventually Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger arrived. The four Rangers used their Blade Blasters against Snizzard. Snizzard fired back at the Rangers. The apple from the top his head, reflected back the power of the Blade Blaster against the four Rangers. The Rangers were knocked to the ground. Snizzard then release his leg cobras. The leg cobras wrapped themselves around each Ranger and started draining their energy. Eventually Pink Ranger arrived. Snizzard summon several Putties. Pink Ranger battled the Putties with her Power Bow and destroy them. Pink Ranger destroys the snakes with her Power Bow. Snizzard them release snakes from within his throat (tonsil snakes). Pink Ranger releases the rest of the Rangers. Pink Ranger destroys Snizzard with the Power Bow and by aiming for the apple on top of his head.

The Rangers had been battling a giant Mutitis with Dragonzord and Megazord. During the battle, Mutitis spray toxic foam on Megazord and Dragonzord. The Rangers were ejected and land on an island demorph. They quickly discovered they didn't have their communicators or power coins. Jason suggested they explore the island and they did. They ran into Quagmire but he vanished as soon as he heard the name Rita. Suddenly an image of Goldar's face appears in the sky. He asks them if they lost their precious power coins? You'll soon lose more than that! Snizzard, Eye Guy, Pudgy Pig, Pineoctopus, and Shellshock appear. Kimberly points the monsters out. Zack is not happy. Oh great! No coin, a tone deaf little person, and an island full of monsters. Trini points out they are monsters they have already destroyed. Snizzard, Eye Guy, Pudgy Pig, Pineoctopus, and Shellshock race towards the teens. Jason shouts that they are attacking. The teens get into fight positions. Snizzard, Eye Guy, Pudgy Pig, Pineoctopus, and Shellshock are almost at them when they suddenly vanish. Billy comments that was weird - they disappeared. Tommy asks what kind of place is this? Goldar replies a place where nothing is what it seems except the danger. Welcome to the Island of Illusion.

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