Code: 17
Title: The Awesome Silver Man
Index: 1745
Sentai Season: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Writer: Naruhisa Arakawa
Director: Hiroyuki Kato
Airdate: June 12, 2011


After finishing a fight against the Zugormin with the recently acquired greater power of the Goseiger Keys, the Gokai Galleon crew marvel about obtaining both the ten other greater powers and the 15 extra Ranger Keys from Basco as they receive a new clue from Navi to find a man in silver. Starting their search at a park, after hitting a dead end with an overweight jogger wearing a silver track suit, the crew meets a Super Sentai fanboy before running into Action Commander Arumadon and a Gormin platoon, who were sent there to plant a bomb. The Gokaigers quickly dispose of the Gormin and the bomb before transforming into Time Fire, Magi Shine, Mega Silver, Dragon Ranger and Abare Killer to fight Arumadon with the fan boy watching. Arumadon overwhelms the Gokaigers with his Aruma Barrier before Gokai Green (as Dragon Ranger) uses his Zyusouken to damage his collar and the Action Commander retreats right when the fan boy is about to join the fight. Soon after, the crew are confronted by the fan boy, introducing himself as Gai Ikari. After shooting down Gai's offer to join their group as the sixth Gokaiger and improve their public image, the Gokai Galleon crew gets an earful from Navi for forgetting their search. Upon reaching another dead end with the overweight jogger, the crew are attacked by Arumadon. However, Gai suddenly arrives and tells the Gokaigers to let him handle the villains as he changes into Gokai Silver. The Gokaigers are shocked to see an Earthling possess a Ranger Key while Gokai Silver tries to win membership by dispatching a group of Gormin single-handedly with his Gokai Spear. But when Gokai Silver is unable to break through Arumadon's barrier, the Gokaigers take over to target the weak spot on Arumadon's collar. However, unknown to both the Gokaigers and even Arumadon himself, Waruzu Giru had Insarn had secretly modified the Action Commander's collar to turn him into a suicide bomber to take out the pirates. Luckily, Gokai Silver realizes the trap and safely detonates the bomb before destroying the shocked Arumadon with the Gokai Shooting Star Final Wave. Realizing that Gai is the silvery man they are looking for, the Gokai Galleon crew are curious to know how he obtained his power.


* Tomokazu Seki Narrator, Mobirates, Gokai Saber, Gokai Gun (voice)
* Yuki Yamada Joe Gibken/GokaiBlue
* Mao Ichimichi Luka Millfy/GokaiYellow
* Ryota Ozawa Captain Marvelous/GokaiRed
* Yui Koike Ahim de Famille/GokaiPink
* Kazuki Shimizu Don Dogoier/GokaiGreen
* Yukari Tamura Navi (voice)
* Hirofumi Nojima Waruzu Giru (voice)
* Kouji Ishii Damaras (voice)
* Kikuko Inoue Insarn (voice)
* Gaku Shindo Barizorg (voice)
* Jun Ikeda Gai Ikari/GokaiSilver
* Makoto Yasumura Arumadon (voice)