Episode: Card Game
Sentai Show: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Yokubarido is voiced by Tetsu Shiratori.


Yokubarido (ヨクバリード Yokubarīdo?): The leader of Zangyack's "Special Destruction Unit", a gambler assigned to utilize Gigarollum on planets that prove troublesome. His special weapon is a deck of exploding cards. After being defeated by the Gokaigers' Final Wave with their weapons, an enlarged Yokubarido is destroyed by Gao Gokaioh.


  • Height - 196cm
    • Giant Form - 49.0m
  • Weight - 147Kg
    • Giant Form - 367.5t
  • brain intuition / remodeling strengthen
  • the global campaign of aggression Gun / Gigarollum special mission

Sorties for the invasion was ordered to Earth, Captain Action Zangyack space empire. Originally developed with a brain abnormality, all勝負事(and cheat) that specializes in the universe who is. To strengthen this brain, which undergoes brain surgery to install the sixth sense remodeling. Beyond the visual and auditory senses in more than may be possible to predict the movement and fight the opponent. The勝負事With this capability, it is also possible without difficulty to penetrate the opponent cheats. Trump has been honed to a sharp armed with a dart.